Why Choose ES Home Care?

Choosing the right Home Care Agency can be challenging, so we have come up with the best reasons why our clients choose us. If you don’t know what Home Care is, please first read our article on what home care is.

  • We Care About You. Our #1 reason is that we really care about our clients. We’re in it for the long term, and we want to be a company that people like you can rely on. This means that we will do everything we can to find your loved ones the best care available. We hire the best caregivers for the job, ones that we can confidently rely on. If there is a problem we can solve, we will help you solve it.
  • Integrity. We always treat our clients with honesty and integrity. We know that everything comes down to trust, and we will never break your trust in us. Our caregivers are also held accountable for their actions and their quality of service. Every visit is recorded and evaluated to insure the integrity of our caregivers and your trust in us.
  • We Make it Easy For You. Our goal is not to confuse you or complicate things. It is to make your life easier. Instead of finding caregivers your self and spending a lot of time and effort managing them, we will help you find the best and ensure their quality of work.
  • This is our specialty. Finding care for seniors is our specialty. We can provide you the best resources and information that will help you make the right decision. Our Care Specialist have been working in the industry for over a decade, including jobs managing Hospice, Home Health, and other services. We can point you to the right direction, even if our services is not right for you.

Can I Find My Own Caregiver?

Of course you can! There are a lot of resources out there ranging from Craigslist to Indeed.com to find caregivers. However, the reason why you should rely on an agency to choose your caregiver is because we find the best ones for you. We look through piles of resumes and hand pick the ones that can fulfill your needs. We also run thorough background checks and finger print scans to ensure your safety. The caregivers we hire have prior care giving experience, and we only match you up with suitable caregivers.

So yes, you can find your own caregivers, but you will have to do all that work yourself to ensure the quality of care and the safety of your loved ones. You will also have to manage the caregiver yourself and the care may or may not be good. By no means are you required to go through our agency, but we strongly recommend it if you don’t have the knowledge or experience in finding great caregivers.

Want us to find the right caregiver for the job? Contact us!